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Trading Process

Auto Lights Trading Process FAQ

What is UU LIGHTING trading process?

1. Receipt of order: UU LIGHTING after the receipt of customer orders, customer orders should be translated into orders for the company; 

2. Orders review: UU LIGHTING Department is responsible for organizing the company, products, goods seized and the Department of the Ministry staff to carry out assessment of customer orders, the main assessment of issues, including product features and quality requirements, production capacity, packaging requirements and delivery dates; 

3. The signing of sales contract: UU LIGHTING in accordance with orders for the production of a sales contract offer, signed and sealed by the customer return the first, and then signed by the company official seal; 

4. The preparation of export plans: UU LIGHTING produces according to the Ministry of Trade, the preparation of the production plan the development of export plans, the production department if the change in production plans, the company shall promptly notify the Ministry of Trade, Ministry of Trade in order to communicate with customers in time to change the situation of the export plan; 

5. Order Tracking: UU LIGHTING after the Ministry of Trade in the preparation of export plans, the need to actively track the production status of the production sector to ensure that the goods on time and accurately issued. If you have not delivered on time and situation, should be timely feedback to the customer information and make adjustments; 

6. Set position: Production in communication with the company to confirm the delivery date, the Ministry of Trade should be delivered 5 days before the date of the quantity of goods in accordance with accounting as well as the volume of production orders set position and go to Room Department of trade arrangements for planning positions preparation issues. If we set positions, the need to delay shipment 2 days before the date of notice to plan accordingly Room freight forwarding and trade related issues arranged in a timely manner (such as write-off single, Deputy Customs power of attorney, such as preparation and handling, etc. Under normal circumstances, will be divided into the following positions to two situations: 

  a) the designated agent: general provisions applicable to FOB price as well as some of the goods under the terms of CIF. If the designated agent, the Ministry of Trade will take UU LIGHTING communicate with customers in advance to confirm the designated agent for more information and to the planning room to the record trade statistics; 

  b) Since the order on behalf of: generally applicable to the goods under the terms of CIF price. Cargo Room planning by the Trade and services based on market prices, choice, trade planning room UU LIGHTING responsible for notifying the company they selected the specific circumstances of freight forwarding; 

7. Cargo shipment: UU LIGHTING as set out in accordance with the container size and cargo tray arranged list of the actual situation and the implementation of the production department to the list. Production tray in the process of scheduling issues to be found in time to communicate with the trade reform. Pre-delivery, the Ministry of Trade to be the production of single-ship, from UU LIGHTING signed inventory of stock to the warehouse manager. Inspection of goods for export, the trade needs to be prepared in advance corresponding inspection products packing list, invoices and contracts for the exports of goods before customs for good; 

8. Declaration: UU LIGHTING prepared in accordance with the actual number of shipments, prepare declarations, according to (invoices, packing lists, declarations, etc.) to the trade after the planning room, stamping company declaration Chapter UU LIGHTING, chapter business, after the reunification of the signature s declaration; 

9. Invoicing: Upon completion of the declaration, UU LIGHTING will be stamped invoice to the customs officers opened the company's financial sales uniform invoice exports; 

10. Negotiation information ready: After the shipment, UU LIGHTING in accordance with the relevant data, as well as customer request for confirmation of the bill of lading and preparing customer bills of lading, certificate of origin, invoices, packing list, weight list, and other related insurance policy you pay information; 

11. To pay a single: Trade is responsible for the planning room collected all negotiation documents, unified audit will be paid in accordance with the terms and requirements will be sent to the Stock Exchange or banks to pay a single;

12. Receivables: In accordance with the terms of the sales contract and the payment period, UU LIGHTING should be paid to track the recovery situation in a timely manner to ensure the effective functioning of the follow-up. Rooms such as the time of payment not provided for timely reporting of the company in charge of the Ministry of Trade to be superior; 

13. Write-off: trade, exports of goods in the planning room, are responsible for follow-up inquiries, the single-port electronic information, declarations and pay back to a single work, and electronic information points, as well as joint declaration of the export tax rebate to the company's financial Room UU LIGHTING prepare for refund procedures. In accordance with relevant state law, the company returned a single period of the general declaration for 3 months. UU LIGHTING, and retired in accordance with single-back situation, the system will be in the write-off write-off of data related to the trade after the match into the planning room to write off procedures for foreign exchange bureau, the company is generally to write off period of 3-6 months; 

14. Refund: written off after the completion of trade responsible for the planning room to write off a single export dedicated joint export tax rebate to the UU LIGHTING's financial room for a tax rebate, exports of goods to complete the whole process.

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