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Led Lighting Products FAQ

What is LED product general conditions for all guarantee?

-What is Guaranteed?

The extent of the gaurantee given for each lighting product is described alongside each lighting product below.

-Duration of Guarantee

Each guarantee lasts for the number of years stated against each lighting product below, starting from the date of purchase.

-What will be done to correct the problem?

UU LIGHTING will examine the lighting product and decide if it’s covered under this guarantee. UU LIGHTING will then, at its choice, either repair the defective lighting product or replace it with the same or a comparable product. In these cases, UU LIGHTING will be responsible for the costs of repairs, spare parts, labor and travel for repair staff that UU LIGHTING incurs, provided that the lighting product is accessible for repair without UU LIGHTING incurring additional expenditure to gain access. This will not apply in cases where repair work has not been authorized by UU LIGHTING. Any defective parts removed in the course of repair works will become the property of UU LIGHTING. If the item is no longer sold by UU LIGHTING, UU LIGHTING will provide an appropriate replacement. UU LIGHTING will decide at its discretion, what will constitute an appropriate replacement.

-Conditions for the guarantees

The guarantees are valid from the date of purchase. The original purchase receipt is required as proof of purchase.


The guarantees do not apply to lighting products that have been stored or assembled incorrectly, used inappropriately, abused, misused, altered, or cleaned with wrong cleaning methods or wrong cleaning lighting products. The guarantees do not cover normal wear and tear, cuts or scratches, or damage caused by impacts or accidents. The guarantees do not apply if lighting products have been placed outdoors or in a humid environment or if the lighting products have been used for non-domestic purposes (unless otherwise stated). The guarantees do not cover consequential or incidental damages.The guarantees are to the benefit of the original purchaser of the product. They are not transferable. For details see the limited guarantee conditions and description for each product.

-Care instructions

To be able to rely on this guarantee you need to follow the specific care instructions for every product. You will find all care instructions with or on the lighting product in the UU LIGHTING salers.

-General legal rights

This guarantee gives you specific legal rights. This guarantee does not, in any way, affect the rights given to you by law.

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