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Trading Process

Led Lighting Trading Process FAQ

How should I do if I need OEM led lighting products?


If you need OEM led lighting products,you should do these step by step:

A.Contract Review 

  • Comfirm the technical parameters: technological requirements ,functional structure requirements of customers and so on;

  • Assessment of delivery capacity: after the order came to agreement between commercial attache and the customer,the commercial attache should estimate and plan the lead time careful with charge of OEM and relevant people, so that the customers could be informed of the delivery time.

  • Quote customer the price: after the detailed requirements of the products are sured by customer,the engineering department and relevant people should account the cost and then deliver it to be signed by the president or general manager.Finally, the quotation could be sent to customer by project leader from commerce departmemt and formally sign the purchase and sale contracts.

  • After the formal sales contract was signed,the engineering departement will draw the master drawing according to the customer's technical parameters. The drawing paper engineering department use must be national standared and with particulars details of parts drawing, expanded view,welding drawing and overall assembly drawing on it. Besides, detailed process technique requires and suface treatment requires must be attached.Moreover, the drawing paper can be used only after examined and signed by the officals from the engineering department who is in charge of it.

B.OEM Order

  • After audit confirmed the drawings,if there is a technical and quality problems in OEM production process , and the investigation of the situation clearly.If it is a problem of your drawings, you will assume full responsibility for the quality.And the responsible person of our company also need to undertake the corresponding quality responsibility, including the quality fine.But it is the problem of our OEM, we will assume full responsibility;

  • OEM quotation:The way of quotation depend on the use of materials: material price + processing cost + surface treatment cost + transportation cost + management cost + accessory cost + package cost;Product price is determined by single part production subtotal costs and product required accessories cost. 

  • Firm quotation:After OEM calculate the price ,fax quotation in the form of the above quote.OEM affairs chief, need to submit the quotation to the chairman or general manager for price review.After formal confirmation,The chairman or general manager signed the OEM quotation sheet.OEM affairs chief fax it to OEM.

  • Place the order:After consultation with OEM to determine the delivery date and the price,then OEM affairs chief confirm with relevant business personnel and technical personnel about the quantity and the drawing of the product required by the customer and sign.OEM affairs chief can formally issue purchase order to OEM.Then OEM agreed delivery date written in the purchase order and sign, keep receipt and copy send to OEM affairs chief .So that our company can communicate and coordinate with customers in time.

C.Delivery And In Storage

  • For larger batches products,the company will use the way that customer picks up from OEM , when picked up, OEM site must issue delivery list and signed by the person who is in charge of receipt, and the list of delivery should send to our company's OEM affairs Officer in time, OEM affairs chief then handed over to the warehouse ,in order to check the statement of account for OEM and our company, warehouse department should make a clear delivery details list timely; for smaller batch products OEM delivery can be issued directly deliver to our warehouse ,company warehouse responsible person and other relevant responsible person must be present ,inspection count and signature before goods delivery to warehouse, warehouse department should create shipping details.

  • The warehouse will send OEM shipping details, details of the receipt (Two copies of each) to the company's financial and OEM Affairs Officer.

D.Services and Responsibilities

  • If there exists any quality problems caused by OEM production process such as drawings design problems,our company can arrange professional staff to maintenance and solve those difficulties.But the person in charge you should be cost by 100%.If the quality problems caused by OEM who does not follow the right instruct of your designing paper, the total cost of quality problems will be undertaken by UU lighting.

  • OEM client must comply with our manufacture and production contract during production process, also we prohibiting produce or sale the same-type products of your company and being responsible for keeping confidential information of your products and techniques. Our company should have the priorities for producing in OEM,and we have the right to terminate our contracts and take back our purchase order at once if it can not meet the requirement.And our company is responsible to reach the purchase quantity based on the requirement of OEM in our contracts.Concerning on the products which are needed to be produced by OEM, person in charge or the general manager should be responsible for arrangement.

  • Payment:After checking and verifying the all shipping lists by both-side financial departments and managers and signing on the delivery details lists,both parties can make settlements according to the terms of OEM contracts.

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