LED bulb light types and price list

Dear SHEN ZHEN HUATE GROUP UU LIGHTING Co.Ltd.My name`s XXX, customs services firm dedicated to import and export.In orden to establish a business relationship.I am interested specifically in this LED bulb light Types:



My name`s XXX, customs services firm dedicated to import and export.

In orden to establish a business relationship.

I am interested specifically in this LED bulb light Types:

  • UU-BULB-B-5W

  • UU-BULB-B-7W

  • UU-BULB-B-9W

  • UU-BULB-B-12W

We would also like you to provide the following details:

FOB price

Min. order

Types of the products

HS code

Specification of the subjetc produc


Delivery Size

Means of transport of sample

Kindly please see the answers:

1.FOB LED bulb light price list (based on 1000 pcs)

Contact [email protected]

2.Min. order

For each watt ,1000 pcs is the MOQ. if you need color box ,need to buy 5000 pcs for free for each watt.

2.Name of the products

LED bulb

3.HS code


4.Specification of the subject product

Kindly please see the pics as above.


In general ,Using natural packing . 100 pcs/box

if you need color box or need laser your logo in the bulb, should add extra fee. ( buy 5000 pcs ,color box can be free.)

6 Delivery Size

it is depend on your qty.  please tell me your qty.

7.Means of transport of sample

For sample ,we send to you via express ,please pay the freight ,free sample can send to you to test.

I´m starting with the certification process and electrical security of the products.

But previously I need to know some rules and international certifications of the LED bulb products. could you tell me about this information and if you have had some experience about exporting with other countries.

Also, for carry out the entry this products to my country, these have to have rule and certification IRAM, so in the future, I need if you can give me product samples to be analyzed.

I know in your country should pass the professional certification, as I have two customer in your country , one is XXX group , they buy led bulb lights from us , one is XXX, they are also require me our sample to passed your certification.

So I think first you can try our samples, and you should learn something about your government requirements.

I comment to you, that a valid resolution in Argentina, not income electrical samples is allowed without authorization from customs.

We are hoping that we authorize the request to ask you the samples. In Argentina some time processes are extensive. Know you understand the times of this negotiation for us.

I will be contacting you in the next few days.

Thank you for your email .

But I am don't know which you need for sample .

Please tell me which one you are need .

For bulb , how many you need for sample ?

We can send 2pcs to you for free .

May I know do you have express account ? 



Huate Goup Company


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