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Privacy Policy

A partnership in trust.

When UU Lighting set out to create a high-quality, low-priced line of LED Lights, we knew we couldn't do it without the help of some very important partners-you, our customers. Whether you're researching purchases in the UU Lighting catalogue, picking up your lights in our self-serve warehouses or assembling your purchases at home-we're working together to help you create a better everyday life at a price everyone can afford. UU Lighting is based on a partnership with our customers. Without you, UU Lighting could not exist.

This partnership extends to the way we handle your personal information. Just like OEM at UU Lighting is a cooperative experience, UU Lighting makes a point of working with our customers when it comes to their privacy. We only collect the information we may need to create a better OEM experience for you. This Privacy Notice is our way of telling you what information we collect, how we use it and how you can access, change and remove your information.

Help us build a better UU Lighting.

In order to create a better UU Lighting, we need your help. You can help by providing us with various kinds of information to help UU Lighting serve you better, and ultimately improve UU Lighting for everyone. Below you’ll find some of the reasons we request information from you, as well as how we obtain and use that information to help improve your UU Lighting OEM experience.

Catalogue – To mail you an UU Lighting catalogue, we need your name and address. We also ask for your phone number and email address in case there are any problems with delivery. You also have the option of providing us with additional information about products that interest you and other lifestyle information. Why do we ask for this information? It helps us learn about the people who OEM at UU Lighting so we can better tailor our products and OEM for you. Of course, providing this information is purely optional.

Purchases – When you make a purchase at UU Lighting, you may need to give us contact information in order to process your payment. If the item is being delivered, we will also ask for your name, address, telephone number and email address to guarantee prompt delivery. This information will only be used for internal purposes and to fulfil your purchase.

Customer Service – In order for a customer service representative to respond to your questions or concerns, we may need personal information like your name, address and telephone number. This information is only used to answer your questions as completely and thoroughly as possible.

Special offers, promotions, coupons and warranties – When you register for or redeem UU Lighting special offers, discount coupons or other promotions, we may ask for personal information in order to note the success of our programs for future offers. You also may provide such information when you fill out a warranty card about a product you purchased from UU Lighting. Or you may provide us with information such as product preferences, reasons for purchasing a product, or company and lifestyle information to help us learn more about your OEM preferences.

What you share with UU Lighting stays with UU Lighting.

If you cannot trust UU Lighting, you will not shop with UU Lighting. For that reason, the security of your personal information is of utmost importance to us. UU Lighting does not share your personal information with companies outside UU Lighting for marketing purposes. The information we collect is used only by UU Lighting. At times, some information may be transferred to UU Lighting divisions in other countries but we always maintain administrative, technical and physical safeguards to protect against unauthorized disclosure, use, alteration and destruction of the personal information in our possession. We are committed to providing appropriate security controls to protect your personal information against foreseeable hazards. On occasion, we do need to hire other companies to help serve you better. In some of these cases, we may need to share information that is necessary to perform tasks for UU Lighting. For example, a delivery service will need to know your name and address in order to bring UU Lighting products to you. These companies are strictly monitored by UU Lighting in order to make certain the privacy of our customers is always protected.

There are many kinds of cookies. We think you’ll like the UU Lighting recipe.

Many web surfers are concerned about their privacy and the use of 'cookies' on the Internet. Cookies are small files that can be used to store information you have already provided. Cookies cannot be used to "steal" information about you or your computer system. 

The UU Lighting web site uses cookies to remember your preferences. For example, the web site may remember which UU Lighting product page you view, in order to make your next visit more convenient (by displaying information more relevant to that factory location).

Nevertheless, if you don't like having any cookies at all they can be disabled in your web browser's Internet Options.

Call us. We won’t call you.

UU Lighting will only contact you if you provide us with your email address and request we communicate with you in this way. If you are contacted by UU Lighting and would prefer not to receive information about products and promotions, please get in touch with us using one of the options below.

Out of sight, but never out of reach.

When you share your personal information with UU Lighting, you will always have access to this information. You can update, change or remove any information at any time by calling, writing or emailing us using one of the options provided below. If needed, we can notify you as to where we got the information and where or if we have forwarded your information within UU Lighting. Your information is only for our own use, and according to standard laws, we only store relevant, adequate and necessary data. Additionally, we erase your information when we no longer need it.

Change of address? Change of heart? Let us know.

If you would like us to update your contact information, remove your name from our mailing list, or if you have any questions about UU Lighting’s privacy policies or your personal information, please don’t hesitate to contact us. 

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